Save the Bees
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Marjorie's Healthy First Shop
(supporting the Sierra Club)

Our Fundraising Teams provide a simple method for business owners to combine marketing their primary business with fundraising for their favourite cause.

The business ...
  1. chooses a charity or not-for-profit organization they would like to support.
  2. chooses which products work best to complement their type of business.
  3. decides which fundraising method works best, either
    • a monthly event;
    • a monthly raffle; or
    • a percentage of product sales.
  4. takes their costs plus profit out of the ticket or product sales.
  5. sends the remainder to their favourite organization.
  6. receives a tax receipt directly from the organization they are supporting (if it is a charitable organization).
  7. invites others to support their cause.
Our teams...
  1. show you how to to create a win/win situation for all participants.
  2. direct readers to support the fundraiser and the business in a weekly ezine; and
  3. add a link from this page to the business link and to the organization they are raising funds to support.